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Want the classic, luxurious look of wood blinds at a much lower cost than the competition? The Economy 2" Wood Blinds give you the beauty and feel of real wood at a cost-effective price! Th ... (read more or see colors)
4.4  out of 5

Economy 2" Wood Blinds
4.4  out of 5

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Sitewide Savings! On all products, either Buy 3 Get the 4th free with code: MEMORIAL-BUY3, or Save 10% with code: BC10-MEMORIAL.

Want the classic, luxurious look of wood blinds at a much lower cost than the competition? The Economy 2" Wood Blinds give you the beauty and feel of real wood at a cost-effective price! These budget friendly blinds are made from durable basswood and are available in popular painted and stained colors with limited options for easy selection. A decorative sculpted valance is included to give your blind a more complete look.

Install Time: 12-15 minutes

We Recommend:

  • For a clean, modern look choose from the painted white colors; while stained options create a more traditional look.
  • Great for covering large windows due to the light weight of real wood.


  • These blinds do not offer the options/upgrades of our more premium line of real wood blinds.
  • When fully raised, wood blinds tend to have a thicker stack, which blocks more of the window's view.


This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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Product Specifications Need Help? Economy 2" Wood Blinds
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 9"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 96"
  • Blinds 12" or narrower: Center tilt only
  • Made in: China, final assembly in USA
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/4"
Mounting Requirements

Product Options Need Help? Economy 2" Wood Blinds

Standard Options:
Economy 2" Wood Blinds4.452530
Damaged and Wrong ColorAfter unboxing these blinds it was painfully obvious how cheap they were. Many of the slats had big chips off of the edges exposing raw wood, and big dents were visible across the valence. More importantly the color wasn't even close to the sample I received( I had ordered Rosewood finish). The blinds had an unattractive pink tone to them that was not in the sample.Fortunately the staff was very helpful and refunded the entire purchase price. I ended up ordering Bali blinds after my purchase was refundedApril 15, 2014
First Time CustomerI was very impressed with the website and the selection. I had a couple of odd shaped windows that needed blinds badly. I simply measured the windows, picked out the blinds style I wanted and with in two weeks, my blinds arrived at my home. Installation was very self explanatory and I'm glad to see a company striving to make a process as easy as possible with such a smart design. I will be returning to for my next set of blinds!January 27, 2015
it was the final touch on our new kitchenMy wife and I after 15 years of saving finally pulled the trigger on our kitchen and redid the entire thing including appliances. The final touch was blinds on our double window and my wife had something in mind already. We searched and searched and it was more difficult to find the blinds until I went to your website. I explained to my wife our limitations with the window due to the layout and finding somewhere that can make our blinds an exact dimension and more importantly stay within our already depleted budget was near impossible (again, until I saw I have to admit, I left your website numerous times, why? I was thinking, how can they custom cut our blinds, include delivery, and be cheaper than everyone else. Well, it’s worth a shot. I was floored and impressed with the service. We’ve had plenty of friends and family visiting to see our new kitchen and everything including the blinds were complimented.January 29, 2015
Great Affordable BlindsI've been ordering my 2" economy wood blinds from for about 10 years. I've ordered online, and I've ordered by phone when I have specific questions to ask. The blinds I've received have always been the exact measurements and color I ordered. Recently I ordered four sets of blinds -- I was a bit concerned when the outside of the box indicated a different measurement than what I had ordered. However, all of the blinds were exactly what I had ordered. They are easy to hang and look just as nice as the expensive blinds. I always get lots of compliments on them. The only reason I don't have a four-star rating for quality is because I've noticed recently that the blinds don't seem to close quite as tight as the ones I ordered several years ago. They also seem to be made a little thicker, which would explain why they don't close as tight. However, I will continue to order them because they are so affordable, and I haven't been able to match the quality for the price anywhere else! I wish they had a rating for their customer service because they would receive a 5+ star rating!!!October 9, 2013
Great blinds for the money!I am very happy with the blinds that we ordered. My only complaint would be about the installation. We had to order the inside mount blinds but when they were installed... the valance was not the correct size so my husband had to cut off about an inch from every single one... which added a bit of time to the whole process.January 8, 2015
Not very satisfiedWe ordered a pair of faux wood blinds for our basement from and loved their quality and ease of installation.We decided to step up and order the real wood blinds for our son's room. Honestly the quality does not seem as good as the faux blinds and the installation is not as easy.They did not include the clip or whatever part is necessary to install the valance. The color is off from the sample.These may need to be returned.May 15, 2014
Beautiful!This is my second time ordering from and, in short, as I've mentioned in my previous opinion rating, "I have had nothing but a great experience; from online shopping to delivery of my blinds". Your blinds are beautiful! I will soon be making another order! Thank you!October 7, 2013
blindsThe blinds look wonderful. There was no information about thevalance. The one thing I do not like about the blinds is how theyopen and close. The pull string mechanism is not smooth, veryjerky, seems to get stuck and needs a good pull.July 24, 2014
Economy 2" Wood BlindsDelivery was super fast. The blinds look great! I have had more than a few people tell me that blinds that nice look out of place in my blue collar office. I just smile.August 30, 2014
Beautiful shade!VERY nice shade for the money! The instructions were a little confusing, but I figured it out. Customer service is always there to help - had to call and get hold-downs, as I installed my shade on a door. Color matched almost perfectly! Love these shades!March 13, 2014
wood blindsnot much to get excited about here... these are white blinds and they are doing what white blinds are supposed to doand doing a darn good job of itAugust 4, 2014
great for the moneyThe only problem that I had was that there weren't more color choices. I will be purchasing more of these in the future I am sure.November 13, 2013
Very Impressed!I placed the order on Christmas Eve and received delivery, as promised, 2 weeks later. Impressed with the quality of communication. Impressed with the on-time delivery. Impressed with how well the blinds were packed for shipment! For "economy" blinds these were well made, properly fit, and easy to install. Now we will see if they hold up to the abuse the 24 pound cat who shares my home office will give them. ;-)January 8, 2015
Second order - Great Blinds!This is the second time I ordered from product and will use again!January 7, 2015
Good Product Well ServedI have meant to order some blinds for a couple of doors with full windows. Respect the neighbor right? Anyway, I finally decided to measure the door and order two sets of blinds. Two doors right? Well, within two weeks I had the blinds and proceeded to install the first one. Fantastic! Go to the second door. Should have measured each door. This one is 3" narrower than the first. Blinds are not. Call the company. Within two weeks I had replacement blind with the right dimensions. Very professional. Very responsive. I will use them again. And their replacement warranty is just what they say it is. Do business with them with confidence.April 24, 2014
good stuffblinds were a perfect fit, installation was straightforward, and for a bonus, they exactly matched the other blinds in the room. they make a wide, squat window look good.December 1, 2014
Love the way they look!I purchased these blinds for two of my bedrooms, just to see how they looked and functioned before putting them in the whole house. I absolutely love them! I ordered the samples first and when I got my final order, the color is a perfect match.Installation instructions were included but there is additional hardware included that they do not address, so I came back to the website to see if I could find better instructions there. When I pulled up the install instructions on the website, they were exactly the same as the instructions included in the packaging, so no help there. I thought "maybe I should watch the video," so I pulled up the video and while hanging the blind itself is simple, the video had some other pieces of hardware that weren't included in the packaging, so I just gave up on extra bits and hung the blinds themselves.There isn't a place to rate packaging, but I want to address that, as well., you could do a MUCH better job of packaging the hardware for these blinds. When I pulled the little box of hardware out of the larger box, screws fell out onto the floor before I'd even had the opportunity to open it. I wouldn't be making this comment if it hadn't happened on EVERY ONE of the 5 blinds I purchased. Here's where one problem with the additional hardware comes in, there are super tiny screws that I wasn't expecting to find in the box and I spent half an hour scouring the floor to make sure I had them all picked up before someone stepped on them.Overall, this is a very nice product for the money, and I really love the way it looks in my rooms. The installation instructions need to be more detailed and include instructions for all the parts included in the box and packaging needs to be addressed so that things don't fall out the second you open the shipping box.May 18, 2014
great purchaseBought these to go in our kitchen window. Window size is 32x33. Looked at lowes and other stores found in white only and were 64 inches long. Didn't. Want to get home and take apart. Ordered online received around 10 days later, and perfect fit easy install and great color match with our new kitchen cabinents. All for a cheaper price and no taking apart when got them home. Topper was a nice touch too wasn't expecting that. Will definitely order again!March 3, 2014
Very Pleased!!I have purchased both the Signature and Economy 2" wood blinds and have been pleased with both. There is a slight bit difference between the two blinds but not much. I am very satisfied to get a quality blind (economy) while being able to save some money in the process. I will continue to order more 2" wood blinds like these as I have a few more windows to cover!July 30, 2014
back for a second batchordered several of these at least 3 years ago; very happy with em. cord rotted out after 3+ years in intense west-TX sun (only on ones in south facing window) but they sent me replacement cord. excellent customer service!i like em enough that i just ordered another $450 worth for other windows......and they even get the approval of the Very Picky Aesthetic Consultant (aka my wife!)May 16, 2014
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