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Light Filtering Roller Shades

Brand: Bali
451 Reviews
Known for their simplicity and versatility, Bali Light Filtering Roller Shades are perfect for those who want a stylish window treatment that lets filtered light shine through. Read More.
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  • Light Filtering Colors

    • $153.99
      Manhattan White 11101
    • $181.99
      Dundee Diamond Aurora 3120
    • $181.99
      Tahoe Fresh Snow 14711
    • $181.99
      Mountainside Cloud Outline 1561
    • $181.99
      Domain Whale Gray 3112
    • $181.99
      Dundee Filament 3121
    • $122.99
      Ornamental Frosty 14402
    • $318.99
      Springleaf Apple Tree 3353
    • $181.99
      Fiji Warm Gray 16201
    • $181.99
      Fiji Light Tan 16203
    • $181.99
      Acadia Vintage Veil 14811
    • $181.99
      Candid Speckled Black 21431
    • $181.99
      Dundee Carbon Ritz 3123
    • $245.99
      Robin Waterlily 17401
    • $153.99
      Manhattan Beachy Blue 11141
    • $153.99
      Cascade Ocean Reef 13105
    • $181.99
      Hopewell Silver Shadow 21186
    • $181.99
      Mountainside Storm Cloud 1564
    • $181.99
      Tahoe Garden Stone 14713
    • $181.99
      Candid Toasted Sugar 15104

    Sheer and Transparent Colors

    • $153.99
      Everly Ash 21463
    • $245.99
      Landscape Stormy Sea 15402
  • Colors

    • White 417
      No Sample
    • Stucco 963
      No Sample
    • Cream 715
      No Sample
    • Maize 02
      No Sample
    • Dark Beige 350
      No Sample
    • Rock Gray 399
      No Sample
    • Toffee 296
      No Sample
    • Black 156
      No Sample
  • Colors

    • White 205
      No Sample
    • Sand 204
      No Sample
    • Light Gold 202
      No Sample
    • Bronze 201
      No Sample


Known for their simplicity and versatility, Bali Light Filtering Roller Shades are perfect for those who want a stylish, no-fuss window treatment that lets filtered light shine through. These roller shades are available in a variety of opacities, all of which block damaging UV rays and reduce heat transmittance. Bali Sheer Roller Shades allow the most light in the home and the least amount of privacy.

Bali Light Filtering Roller Shades offer several options for customization. Available in fresh colors, patterns and textures to meet any décor style. Personalize your Bali Roller Shades with a valance, decorative hems along with a variety lift options to meet your specific needs.

Install time: 20 minutes

We Recommend:

  • Continuous-Loop lift utilizes a powerful clutch to assist with lifting the shade and the chain does not change length. Ideal for wider, heavier shades.
  • Standard Cordless lift provides a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. This lift option eliminates the hassle of cords and the possibility of cord entanglement and features a unique dual-speed braking system and tension control. Recommended for homes with children or pets.
  • The Smart Pull system, perfect for hard-to-reach shades, lets you raise or lower your shade with a few simple tugs of a pull wand that never changes in length.
  • EasyTouch Cordless eliminates the hassle of cords and possible cord entanglement, and features a unique lift system allowing you to raise and lower your shade and place it exactly where you want it.
  • EasyTouch Dual Lift offers two ways of raising and lowering the shade - raise and lower the shade by moving the hem bar exactly where you want it, or raise and lower using the cord loop.
  • Z-Wave Motor provides a quiet operation that allows convenience and a solution to operate your hard-to-reach shades. You have the choice of remotes to operate the shades or connect your motorized shade with a gateway hub and app.
  • Tethered Wand this lift option is a very simplified motor technology that allows you to operate your shade with 3 buttons on a wand that is attached to the front of the shade. Wands are available in two colors (white and black) along with a variety of lengths to meet your needs.
  • If you would like your shade to unroll from the front of the roll, rather than from the back, specify a reverse roll.


  • Light-filtering fabrics do reveal shadows and silhouettes to the outdoors. If total privacy is needed, a Room Darkening or Blackout Roller Shade might be a preferable choice.

Coordinating Products: To coordinate all of your windows, click here to see other products that are available in the same materials.

Child Safety:

This product has a lift system that is safer for kids by eliminating the presence of potentially dangerous dangling cords.

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Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 13"
  • Maximum Width: 120"
  • Minimum Height: 13"
  • Maximum Height: 144"
  • Inside Mount Light Gap, Control Side: 3/4'' - 1''
  • Inside Mount Light Gap, Cordless/ Motorized/ Non - Control Side: 3/8'' - 3/4''
  • Inside Mount Light Gap, All Shades with Cassette: 1/2'' - 1''

Mounting Depth Requirements by Lift Option

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Optional Upgrades:

  • Continuous Cord Lift
  • Standard Cordless
  • EasyTouch Cordless
  • EasyTouch Dual Lift
  • Z-Wave Motorization
  • Motorized Wand control
  • Bali Square Corner Valance & Bali Cassette Valance
  • Reverse Roll

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