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Cellular shade matched with color coordinated Perfect Arch. Color: Taupe
Cellular shade matched with color coordinated Perfect Arch and Verticell vertical shade. Color: Taupe
Cellular shade matched with color coordinated Perfect Arch and Verticell vertical shade. Color: Taupe
Bali cellular shade matched with color coordinated Verticell vertical cellular shade in color White.
DiamondCell - 3/8" Daybreak Double Cell
Brand: Bali
Bali DiamondCell Daybreak cellular shades are casual and richly textured. The double honeycomb fabrics are suitable for almost any decor. All DiamondCell Daybreak window shades feature double cell construction for the best energy efficiency. DiamondCell honeycomb blinds have an aluminum headrail and bottomrail for extreme durability. The cord lock and stop tassel allow for dependable operation year after year, and make it possible to precisely position your shades. All hardware is color-coordina ... (See description tab below) Bali DiamondCell Daybreak cellular shades are casual and richly textured. The double honeycomb fabrics are suitable for almost any decor. All DiamondCell Daybreak window shades feature double cell con ... (read more or see colors)
DiamondCell - 3/8" Daybreak Double Cell Bali
4.8  out of 5

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Daybreak 3/8" Double Cell
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Bali DiamondCell Daybreak cellular shades are casual and richly textured. The double honeycomb fabrics are suitable for almost any decor.

All DiamondCell Daybreak window shades feature double cell construction for the best energy efficiency. DiamondCell honeycomb blinds have an aluminum headrail and bottomrail for extreme durability. The cord lock and stop tassel allow for dependable operation year after year, and make it possible to precisely position your shades. All hardware is color-coordinated for clean look. Each fabric has the same color (not white) on the street side as on your room side. Bali DiamondCell window shades are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. For added convenience and safety, add the cordless feature.

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Product Specifications Need Help?  
Bali DiamondCell - 3/8" Daybreak Double Cell
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 10"
  • Maximum Width (As single headrail): 96"
  • Maximum Width (As 2 or 3-on-1 headrail): 192"
  • Minimum Height: 9"
  • Maxiumum Height: 144"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 3/8"
  • Max width Top Down/Bottom Up: 96"
  • R-Value: 1.5 - 2.9
  • Headrail Color: Coordinated to fabric
  • Made in: Mexico
Mounting Requirements

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Bali DiamondCell - 3/8" Daybreak Double Cell

Standard Options:
DiamondCell - 3/8" Daybreak Double Cell4.858097
thank you for the rich look cheapI have bali blinds in all but, my kitchen(which is in the middle of a remodel) and I'm sure to say once my kitchen is done a bali blind will be there also.your web site is so easy to order from and your easy installation help is great.Just thanks for being you! my #1 blinds.comDynagirlOctober 7, 2007
Beautiful, functional, quality, and affordable!My husband and I just installed these shades and they look beautiful. They are very simple, yet not cheap looking. It took about 8 minutes to easily install the cellular shades on all 3 windows with a screw gun. Cordless shades are WONDERFUL! These were for our new baby's room and I did not want to worry about cords. The double cellular shades really do help to block the heat from the sun. I can tell the baby's room is cooler than it was with the cheap blinds I had before. Double cellular was definitely worth the little extra money for a bedroom. They are not completely room darkening, but definitely block enough light for our standards for sleep. I used the exact measurements for window height and found that the shades did not fall short in height, as some of the other reviews mentioned. I am saving my pennies and hope to have these throughout the rest of my house before the spring. I highly recommend these! I feel I received a quality product for a reasonable price.September 21, 2009
B+I ordered these from Blinds.com, in addition to some Graber cellular shades for some other rooms. These look a bit better than the Graber ones, both from a quality and appearance perspective. But after looking closely, the fit and finish is far from perfect. For example, the plastic bits in the headrail don't meet together flush. As for the shade material, I would give it an A-. Pretty good stuff.The cordless top-down-bottom-up is a great feature for a room where you want sunlight and a view outside while providing some privacy from street level outside. Worked perfect in my home office which is at the front of the house.Of course, everything is relative. A couple months ago we had pros come in to do our living room and entryway with top of the line Hunter Douglas. But, at literally 25% of the cost, this is not an apples to apples comparison.June 18, 2011
Greatest place to buy Blinds!!So when I decided that I wanted to hang blinds on my French door windows, I started shopping around.JC Penney offered to make my custom sized Bali blinds for $200 each and that was @ 60% off on sale. Lowe's was in the same ball park b/c they did not carry pre-made blinds that fit my windows. So in desperation, I searched online and founds Blinds.com and thank goodness I did. The blinds are the same brand I wanted from the store, are exactly the right size, and were 1/3rd the price. I got 3 custom made Bali blinds for less than what I would have paid for 1 at JC Penney!!. Will certainly return to this site in the future for ANY blind needs. Highly recommend both the blinds which are stylish and gorgeous, and the company!August 19, 2010
This is the only place I would ever buy blinds/shades. It was a perfect fit and I got exactly what I wanted.October 5, 2006
Good stuffI've purchased Levolor, Blinds.com, and now Bali cellular shades from Blinds.com. Bali makes a very solid product. The cords and catch mechanism are particularly excellent on the Bali shades, providing very consistent, positive operation and an adjustable stop on the cord. The top-down/bottom-up option is well designed; the effectiveness of the catch locks the top of the blind very close to the top rail, and the shape of the two rails effectively eliminates a light gap.The plastic parts on the Bali shades are made of a harder, denser plastic than other companies'. This causes the end caps on the bottom rail to rattle a bit more if they hit protruding screw heads while operating. If your install is in a space without such obstructions, you won't notice this. The end caps are also slightly thicker than those on the Blinds.com blinds.The brackets only have space for a single screw in my installation. Including a screw too close to the edge of the bracket prevents the blind from snapping into place. Make a single hole right in the middle of the slot to avoid this.March 31, 2009
Very nice, lets a lot of light inThese are very nice cellular shades in a neutral color and do a good job of letting light through. At the same time that we ordered these Bali shades for the living room, we also ordered Levolor shades in a medium-tone color (not blackout) for two bedrooms. The Levolors arrived first and blocked a fair amount of light; good for bedrooms but I would have been disappointed if the Living Room shades had that amount of darkening....Well, lets just say I am very happy with these! They have a lighter color but also have many little holes in the material and the combination gives the room a nice glow if the shades are down when the sun is up. I wouldn't recommend them for a bedroom (unless you want the room to be fairly light during daylight hours.)I am also in a good position to compare the ease of installation between the two brands. The Bali shade installation was slightly more difficult than the Levolor shades. The Bali screws would not self-tap into our wood window frame and required pre-drilling, while the Levolor screws self-tapped. Also the Bali bracket required more precise screw placement during install, while the Levolor brackets were more forgiving. But really those are small distinctions.Finally, I think I prefer the cordless lift implementation on the Bali over the Levolor, though both systems work well.March 30, 2011
I have nothing bad to say about my experience with Blinds.com, the website was very helpful and the tips on measuring helped me get it exactly right. I received my product much sooner than I expected at a fraction of the cost of other sites. I will be using their services again.May 5, 2006
Wow - was this easy!! After going to a major home improvement store and being ignored by the clerks, I didn't want to give them my money, and I didn't want the hassle of a decorator. I needed blinds, and fast.Following the instructions, I measured, order and they came before the delivery date. Instructions to install were just as easy and they look wonder!!Thanks you and I will be ordering again.February 16, 2008
Nice shades,neat lookthese shades are well made and were easy to install.I added the top down/bottom up and cordless features which added to the base price.While I love the way the shades look when they are open from the bottom up.,I am disapponted with the look when open from the top, since there are cords showing. I regret spending the additional money, since I will not be using this feature.June 21, 2012
Great service and competitive price!Wow! The blinds came sooner than I expected and were perfect. I was impressed with the competitive pricing and the ease of ordering. Thank you!November 28, 2006
excellent choiceWe love big windows and had the family room in our new house window at 6ft by 10 ft and the kitchen 6ft by 8 ft.That was the easy part. Trying to figure how to cover these windows the challenge.We tried curtains but they blocked too much of the windiw when open.We finally decided on going with Bali blinds in three sections. What a pleasant surprise when they arrived. The installed easily. I've installed a number of blinds from blinds.com and was concerned that they overall lenght would cause the rod to twist or be a big hassle to lock into the clips. SNAP SNAP SNAP. No problem.Infact they installed as fast as the smaller blinds.The return mechanism is first class and as they are cordless and a breeze to position.Great choice and great experienceOctober 30, 2010
I like this website it makes it easy to price different things. I just ordered the blinds for my whole shop (about an hour ago). The ease of use of the site has kept me working with Blinds.com.February 11, 2006
Bali blindsi bought this Bali blind for a 5 ft door and even paid extra for the continuous cord. Looked nice, but after a few months, the cord stopped working. I had to take it down (what a pain) and mess with the cord trying to get it wound back on all points. after about an hour of this, I got it to working again. Now, after a year, it has happened again. I went through the same ordeal again, but this time after 2 hrs. I finally gave up. I don't think this blind was sturdy enough for a door this size. I thought buying Bali was going to be a better product, very disappointed.The first one delivered, the cord came right off. After my second call, they sent me a new blind. I'm gloing back to drapes.June 9, 2011
Great!We purchased the Bali double-cell daybreak blinds (Beech) for our bay window in our kitchen. We opted for the cordless option and so far are very happy with our choice. Installation was easy and the blinds work perfectly. They did take longer to arrive than I thought they would, but they were packaged very well and went up fairly easy. These blinds are great for privacy but without taking all of the light away during the day. We are very happy and would recommend these blinds and blinds.com to everyone that is interested. I did almost send the wrong measurements, I finally read the measuring tips and sent exact width measurement and added 2 1/2" to the length.December 9, 2012
Awesome cellular blindsReplacement of my 20 year old floor-to-ceiling, well insulated drapes was long overdue, so I opted for double cell Bali shades. My husband was skeptical about the look, durability and especially the insultation value. Not to worry I said.....and boy, was I right! 'Tis 17 degrees tonight, but there is not a draft to be felt in my master bedroom with 4 big windows, including a slider. We have a great new look, taking advantage of our 2nd story "in the trees" view during the day and a cozy, warm feeling at night without the heavy old drapes.Thank you Blinds.com. You have the best deals in town!!!! Now on to other rooms in my home....December 10, 2008
Beautiful, but noisyHave the Diamondcell blinds with the pull string, and they've been great for 5 years. They save us $ on heating, certainly. Bought new ones for a newly-built addition, and got cordless option for free. They are lovely, well made, very easy to install and look great, but the cordless feature makes them noisy to put up and down! Not a very big deal, just an odd surprise. The "handles" (optional to install) seem pointless. Blinds.com packed them well without a ton of extra strapping, plastic, or material, which is often half the hassle of installation. Great product.January 3, 2011
Great BlindsWe bought these blinds for all our upstairs windows. They were very easy to install and we immediately noticed the insulation value and also the fact that they reduced outside traffic noise. I just ordered more to install on the main floor and know that they will help keep the house warmer in our cold Maine winters. Get the cordless option - it's great. We've purchased window coverings from Blinds.com for our last two houses and now for our current house. They have the best prices and terrific customer service. Great products and company!December 28, 2010
Bali Honeycomby Cellular ShadesGreat Blinds, I needed something to help keep the heat out of the house, and these did the job.They made the rooms feel warmer at night, and during the day, it was at least a good 5 degrees cooler with the sun shinning outside, than it would normally be. I would highly recommend these blinds.Installation was easy, only thing different I did was I used some wood screws instead of the supplied screws as it was alittle easier to use these on my wooden window frame. Each blind took about 15 minutes to install. Fit was perfect.May 24, 2010
LOVE MY BLINDS!I do all the measuring and ordering for the blinds in my home. I have 33 windows and every single one of them is covered in a blind from Blinds.com. They make it so easy and the blinds are of the highest quality. The price is also more than reasonable and affordable. I have gotten so many compliments on my blinds that when my friends and family found out that I measured and ordered them myself.....I wound up doing their houses! I also measured and ordered for my in-laws entire house. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this company!April 29, 2010
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