How To Create A Charming Outdoor Kitchen Or Backyard Bistro

Ashley Dennis | 31 Mar 2022 | Outdoor

Outdoor dining has quickly become the preferred way to gather post-Covid. But on nights when you don't feel like leaving home, we're sharing 3 simple tips on how to capture the same ambiance of your favorite outdoor bistro in your own backyard.

outdoor patio with grey, cushioned chairs around a coffee table and beige solar shades shielding the chairs from direct sun.

Pictured: Outdoor Solar Shades in Palermo 5% Natural.

1. Bring The Kitchen Outdoors

Outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity for a while, but interest has really exploded recently.

An outdoor kitchen on a patio with a built-in grill, granite bar-height counters and black solar shades.

Pictured: Coolaroo Solar Outdoor Shade in Sydney 10% Bronze.

An outdoor kitchen needs a dedicated cooking space, usually a grill, as well as counter space for food prep, and a dedicated eating area. Place a few bar stools across from the chef's workspace, hibachi style. Then finish it off with outdoor solar shades- they're like sunglasses for your porch or patio. Just be sure your solar shades aren't hanging directly over the grill or they could warp and melt.

2. Pull Up A Seat

What's an outdoor space without seating? The right seating can make or break an outdoor area. A chunky outdoor sectional feels like a relaxing outdoor lounge.

a porch shielded with black solar shades and with a sectional sofa in the corner.

Pictured: Bali Solar Shades in 5% Mineral Point

Light weight bistro-style chairs make it easy to pull up a seat and chat. They're also a great option for outdoor dining. In the evening, family and friends can drag the chairs around a fire pit to keep the fun and conversation going.

backyard patio with a fire pit, wood pergola and black outdoor solar shades.

Pictured: Coolaroo Outdoor Solar Shade in Sydney 5% Bronze. Photo via @blackhouseinteriorsstbay.

3. Creating Ambience With The Right Lighting

Ambience often boils down to the right mood lighting. Overpowering sun rays can harsh the vibe, which is why many bistros and coffee shops use solar shades. Outdoor solar shades are durable and designed to withstand the elements. They act like sunglasses and cut down on glare while still preserving your view. They range in percents with a 1% openness rating allowing 1% of light through (and blocking 99%).

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Covered patio with wood sofas in a corner. A drapery panel is also tied back in the corner while solar shades and light strands hang above.

Pictured: Coolaroo Outdoor Solar Shade in Outback Walnut 5%.

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