WINDOW FAQ: Should I install my blinds as an Inside or Outside Mount?

Mindy Schultz | 15 Mar 2013 | Window Treatments

You’re tuning into to another ‘Window FAQ’ post from Mindy, a fabulous Customer Service Representative here at

Inside Mount vs. Outside Mount 

At, we strive to make ordering blinds online both easy and exciting.  Here is a common FAQ that should help make your experience just that!

One of the first questions I get asked in Customer Service is “How should I install my blinds… Inside or Outside Mount?”

First things first… check your window depth!  Do you have a shallow window or a deep window?

*If you missed our last FAQ on Window Depth, be sure to check out the following link:  Do I Have Enough Window Depth?

Next… what type of product are you interested in?  This will be a factor in your decision to install inside or outside the window opening.


Inside Mount Installation

2″ Deluxe Wood Blinds

Traditionally, blinds are installed as Inside Mounts.  This allows you to mount your product completely flush/recessed into the window.  What types of windows are common for inside mounts?

The answer:  living room windows, kitchen windows, double hung windows, bedroom windows, guest bedroom windows, etc…

Really… it all depends how shallow or deep the window is!  If you have a deep window, an Inside Mount will allow you a clean/finished look in your home and is the preferable option.


Outside Mount Installation

Bali DiamondCell – 3/8″ Midnight Double Cell Blackout

Outside Mount installations are great for windows with shallow or no depth.  This install is also common on different patio doors like French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors.

It is also very popular when ordering shades with blackout or room darkening materials.  Customer’s select these materials because they want to block out as much light as possible.  That’s what is so nice about Outside Mount installs…it gives you full coverage over the window opening!    Just a note:  They are perfect for nurseries also!

It is your decision to install inside or outside your window opening, but, with the countless options available on, I know you can’t go wrong – happy shopping!

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