8 Things To Know Before Replacing RV Blinds

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Are you restoring an RV (or houseboat) so you can take your life on the road? Don't forget to update the window coverings when you give your mobile home a makeover. Before hitting the road this summer, we're sharing 8 things to know before replacing your RV blinds.

Renovated RV tiny home with woven wood shades

8 Things To Consider Before Buying Shades or Blinds for RVs

man lowering window shades in RV cab

1. Privacy

Most places to park and sleep in an RV provide little, if any, seclusion. (Being caught unaware as you step out of the shower? No thanks!) Install blinds or shades for privacy - plus they'll prevent thieves from peeking in when you're not home.

tiny home with kitchen with beige cellular shades

2. Insulation

RVs can be very difficult to cool down during the hot summer months. Adding shades can help lower the temperature faster, stay cool longer and overall run your camper more efficiently. UV-blocking solar shades reflect heat while letting in light, and insulating options like cellular shades will hold in the conditioned air you do create.

RVs and boats are extremely susceptible to sun damage, as are the people living inside of them. Shades will protect fixtures, furniture and your skin from harsh rays.

motor home window with woven wood shades

3. A Custom Fit

Standard sized blinds, shades and drapes from the home center probably won't fit the specialty windows found in an RV or boat. Lucky for you, everything at Blinds.com is custom made to measure. Our designers can help you get the perfect fit - even if you've got unique windows, obstructions or limited space to install.

modern mobile home with blackout shades and midcentury sofa

4. Blackout

You can't always control your surroundings (streetlight shining in your bedroom window? Ugh!) but you can block out light with blackout shades. Choosing shades with a blackout material will also give you complete privacy and allow for uninterrupted midday naps.

rv window with fabric roller shades

5. Easy Cleaning

Although commonly found in retro RVs, heavy curtains can trap road dust and get grimy fast. On boats, curtains can be susceptible to mildew. We recommend flat roller shades instead, as they can be wiped down or vacuumed easily.

rv built in couch with mini blinds on window

6. Wear and Tear

Constant lowering to protect from the heat, and raising to see the night sky can wear blinds down more quickly. Operation in bumpy conditions, whether riding the waves or driving the open road, can lead to further damage. We recommend springing for durable, well-made window treatments that can hold up to heavy use.

white blinds on door with hold down bracket

While blinds can be tilted to adjust your light and view, they may rattle while you're on the road. If you're concerned about noise, choose fabric shades instead, like roller or roman shades. When shopping, you can also ask your Blinds.com designer for hold down brackets that will keep the bottom rail of your blinds or shades anchored to the wall so they don't bang around as you drive.

retro trailer with vintage stove and wood blinds

7. Valances and Cornices

Some motor home windows come with fabric covered valances that match the upholstery. If you'd like to keep your existing valances to hide your shades when raised, work with a Blinds.com designer to ensure your new shades will fit within the depth of the valance.

If you'd like to add valances to your windows, check out our fabric wrapped cornice.

woman and dog on couch in modern motor home

8. Suit Your Style

Above all, you want your home away from home to feel cozy and inviting. Choose shades that fit your personal style and the style of your rig. Sleek solar shades create a more modern feel, while printed roller shades or woven wood shades bring in more texture and character.

Top 5 Recommended Styles for RV Blinds and Shades

1.  Solar Shades

  • Block outside heat to keep you cooler
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate (we recommend a cordless lift)
  • Modern style
  • Durable + easy to clean
  • Allows a partial view while providing daytime privacy (Note: these shades do not offer nighttime privacy)
  • Protect from UVA and UVB rays as well as sun damage

blackout roller shade in windshield of RV

2. Roller Shades

  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate (we recommend a cordless lift)
  • Available in hundreds of fabrics
  • Block light and offer complete privacy when lowered
  • Available in blackout or light filtering
  • Take up little space when raised
  • Available with valance to cover hardware
  • Works well for both small and oversized windows

closeup of brown fabric pleated shades

3. Pleated Shades

  • Available in hundreds of fabrics
  • Crisp pleats give modern style and durable operation
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate (we recommend a cordless lift)
  • Take up little space when raised
  • Available in blackout or light filtering

tiny home window with cellular shades

4. Cellular Shades

  • Pleated fabric pockets insulate against outside temperatures
  • Some shades available with day/night option for light filtering and blackout functionality in one
  • Easy to operate (we recommend a cordless lift)
  • Work well for both small and oversized windows
  • insulating fabric may also muffle outside noise

camper interior with brown mini blinds on windows

5. Aluminum Mini Blinds

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Long lasting
  • Available in lots of colors
  • Very inexpensive
  • Allows for better light control due to adjustable slats

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