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Patio Sun Shades

Brand: Oasis by Insolroll
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The Oasis by Insolroll® premium exterior roller shades are designed to control heat, glare, and UV rays while maintaining the view of the outdoors. Customizable up to 12 feet wide, Oasis® Patio Sun Shades offer an exclusive cable guide system to keep your shades in place, welded fabric edges, and offer both hand crank and motorized lift systems. Read More.


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  • 3% Openness Colors

    • $1070.99
      Aurora 3% White Bone 002
    • $1070.99
      Aurora 3% White Grey 003
    • $1070.99
      Aurora 3% Charcoal Bronze 902
    • $1070.99
      Aurora 3% Charcoal 901
    • $1101.99
      Maui 3% White Grey 100
    • $1101.99
      Maui 3% Stucco 200
    • $1101.99
      Maui 3% Mocha 400
    • $1101.99
      Maui 3% Carbon 600

    5% Openness Colors

    • $1070.99
      Aurora 5% White Bone 002
    • $1070.99
      Aurora 5% White Grey 003
    • $1070.99
      Aurora 5% Charcoal 901
    • $1070.99
      Aurora 5% Charcoal Bronze 902
    • $1101.99
      Maui 5% White Grey 100
    • $1101.99
      Maui 5% Stucco 200
    • $1101.99
      Maui 5% Mocha 400
    • $1101.99
      Maui 5% Carbon 600


Enjoy truly premium fabrics, quality, and features with Oasis by Insolroll Patio Sun Shades; a striking and modern solution for covering windows, decks, patios, porches, pergolas, balconies, and other outdoor patio structures. Customizable up to 12 feet wide, Oasis by Insolroll offers unique exterior solutions with both hand crank and motorized lift options as well as a wide selection of fabrics, durable hardware, a cable guide systems, and finishing options.

Designed for both residential and commercial applications, Oasis by Insolroll Patio Sun Shades keep outdoor spaces cool, more private, and visually comfortable, extending your usable patio time. The exclusive nylon-coated stainless steel cable guide system keeps your shades in place for better protection against the sun and even common airborne objects such as golf balls or frisbees from neighboring activities. The cable system can be floor or side mounted.

Select between a hand crank lift or motorization lift options for the perfect fit in your outdoor space. All motorized options will feature a fully enclosed 4" x 4 1/2" extruded aluminum headbox to protect the fabric when retracted and provides a finished appearance.

Oasis by Insolroll shades are 100% custom made up to 12’ wide to your dimensions and can be retrofitted to existing covered patios, screen porches, gazebos, and open trellis and pergola structures. Shades can also be designed into new outdoor construction projects. Insolroll premium quality shades are specifically engineered, manufactured and tested for outdoor use and built with the highest quality hardware and fabrics to withstand the outdoor elements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce heat in both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Preserves your connection with the outdoors
  • Easy operation
  • Beautiful selection of fabric choices offer color, texture, view and performance
  • Attractive Hardware solutions hold fabric in place

Install Time: 30 minutes

We Recommend:

  • Choose from a crank lift system or motorization for easier operation.
  • Shades are available as both wall and ceiling mounts and inside or outside mounts.
  • Stainless steel cables secure the shade in position. Choose deck or wall mount for the cable hold down.
  • Choose from two styles of fabrics in multiple color options in either a 3% or 5% openness. Dark colors provide the best view-through and glare control characteristics; light fabrics provide better daytime privacy.
  • Choose bracket color for the manual system or headbox color for the motorized system.


  • Manual Operation:
    • Hand crank and gear operation provides ease of use with no electrical or power requirements.
    • Crank handles are available in 4’, 5’, or 6’ lengths.
  • Motorized Operation: Operate your Oasis Patio Sun Shades with the touch of a button
    • Insolroll Quiet Motor Technology – IQM-ACR – 110V Quiet AC motor
    • Comes with 10’ plug in power cord
    • Control options are Wireless One Channel Radio Hand-Held remote or Wireless Wall Switch
    • Motorized shades come with a fully enclosed 4" x 4 1/2" extruded aluminum headbox protects the fabric when retracted and provides a finished appearance.
    • Motorized shades are available up to 11 feet wide.

Child Safety Information:

Both systems are completely child safe and have no cords.


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Crank Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 14"
  • Maximum Width: 144"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"

Motor Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 34"
  • Maximum Width: 132"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"

Crank Depth Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 3 1/2"
  • Minimum Full Recessed Depth: 4"
  • Minimum Wall Mount Space: 3 1/2"

Motor Depth Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 3 1/2"
  • Minimum Full Recessed Depth: 4"
  • Minimum Wall Mount Space: 4 1/2"


  • Motorization

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