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Designer Room Darkening Roller Shades

Brand: Veneta
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Veneta™ Designer Room Darkening Roller Shades are a great solution for light control during the day and privacy at night. Read More.
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  • Room Darkening Colors

    • $158.99
      Allure White F1108
    • $158.99
      Allure Broken White F1110
      No Sample
    • $158.99
      Allure Rose F0846
    • $158.99
      Allure Cloudy Gray F1111
    • $158.99
      Allure Stone Gray F1109
    • $158.99
      Allure Gray F1112
    • $158.99
      Allure Limelight F0842
    • $158.99
      Allure Persimmon F0841
    • $158.99
      Allure Aquamarine F0844
    • $158.99
      Allure North Sea F0845
    • $158.99
      Allure Violet F0848
    • $158.99
      Allure Anthracite Gray F1113
    • $233.99
      London Wheat F1458
    • $233.99
      London Light Khaki F1457
    • $233.99
      London Almond F1456
    • $233.99
      London Pewter F1461
    • $233.99
      London Cement F1460
    • $233.99
      London Porcelain F1455
    • $233.99
      London Platinum F1459
    • $233.99
      London Indigo F1463
  • Solar Fabric - For Dual Shade

    • Capri 1% Canvas F1253
    • Capri 1% Graphite F1254
    • Capri 1% Raven Black F1255
    • Capri 1% Soft White F1252
    • Capri 5% Canvas F1261
    • Capri 5% Eclipse F1264
    • Capri 5% Graphite F1263
    • Capri 5% Nickel F1262
    • Capri 5% Raven Black F1265
    • Capri 5% Soft White F1260
    • City Nights 3% Black Straw F0404
    • City Nights 3% Oyster F0407
    • June 5% Chalk F1519
    • June 5% Charcoal Chestnut F1523
    • June 5% Charcoal Gray F1524
    • June 5% Pearl F1521
    • June 5% Pearl Linen F1520
    • June 5% Pearl Pewter F1522
    • June 5% Raven Black F1525
    • Laguna 1% Mushroom F1275
  • Natural Colors - for Dual Shade

    • Weave Straw F0663
    • Weave Cumin F0865
    • Weave Cinnamon F0869
    • Weave Sand F0864
    • Weave Old Teak F0866
    • Savannah Frost F1290
    • Savannah Sugar Cane F1291
    • Savannah Honey F1292
    • Savannah Metal F1293
    • Boracay Snow White F0656
    • Boracay Dough F0868
    • Boracay Dust F0661
    • Boracay Fog F0854
    • Boracay Gray Fog F0660
    • Boracay Black Olive F0659
    • Accent Toasted Brown F1562
    • Accent Natural F0858
      No Sample
    • Accent Raffia F0856
      No Sample
    • Accent Haystack F0857
    • Barbados Sparkle Ivory F0860

    Light Filtering Colors - for Dual Shade

    • Creek Latte F1157
    • Creek Beige F1123
      No Sample
    • Creek Egret F1121
    • Sheer Linen Weave F0908
    • Serenity Daylight F0752
    • Serenity Khaki F0754
    • Wheat Linen Almond Milk F0927
    • Wheat Linen Sand F0892
    • Wheat Linen Flax F0891
    • Wheat Linen Natural F0893
    • Wheat Linen Khaki F0894
    • Wheat Linen Dune F0895
    • Wheat Linen Graphite F0896
    • Francesa Pearl F0876
    • Francesa Barley F0877
    • Francesa Sandstone F0878
    • Francesa Oatmeal F0884
    • Francesa Doe F0885
    • Francesa Toast F0879
    • Francesa Shale F0886

    Sheer Colors

    • Valley View Soft White F1538
    • Valley View Eggshell F1539
      No Sample
    • Valley View Pewter Green F1540
    • Valley View Ink F1542
    • Valley View Charcoal F1541


Veneta™ Designer Room Darkening Roller Shades are a modern solution for sharper privacy and light control. These roller shades provide the perfect room darkening experience for day sleepers and rooms such as nurseries and media rooms. Choose from a variety of trending room darkening fabric colors and design a look that will elevate your home. The cordless feature on these roller window shades captures state-of-the-art functionality and style all in one. Precise lift technology gives greater ease of day-to-day operation – move the roller shade freely and quickly to any exact position. Our advanced motorization takes the ease of operation even further – lifting your roller shades with the push of a button. Easily control hard-to-reach windows with the intuitive, multi-channel remote control. Delivered preprogrammed, this remote control and can operate multiple roller shades at the same time for the ultimate convenience of daily operation. Automatically adjust to your preferred shade position with the ‘My Favorite’ button - a key that remembers your optimal viewing positions. Live in the modern comfort and beauty of Veneta™ Designer Room Darkening Roller Shades.

Install Time: 10-15 Minutes

We Recommend

  • Recharge your shades within 3 hours with wired or wireless RevitaCharge™ - a detachable charger that can be stored away after use to maintain the clean, sleek look of your roller shades.
  • Add a valance to your shade for a cohesive look on your window, or choose a curved fascia or a square aluminum fascia.
  • For inside mounts, add Light Guard to reduce light gaps.


  • Door installation is not recommended.

Child Safety Information:

This product can be made safer for places where children and pets may be present, with the selection of the cordless or motorized lift options.


With the assurance of the Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can trust that this product will last and provide added value and beauty to your home.

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Cord Loop Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width (single shade): 84"
  • Maximum Width (coupled shades): 168"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 120"

Cordless Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 32"
  • Maximum Width: 84"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 96"

Motorized Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 20"
  • Maximum Width: 84"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 120"

Dual Roller Shade Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width: 84"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 96"

Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/8”

Cord Loop Mounting Depth Requirements

  • Minimum Depth (No Valance): 3 7/8"
  • Minimum Depth (With Valance): 4 1/4"
  • Outside Mounting Space: 2 1/2"
  • Outside Space (Dual Shade): 4 5/8"

Cordless Mounting Depth

  • Minimum Depth (No Valance): 3 1/2"
  • Minimum Depth (With Valance): 4 1/8"
  • Outside Mounting Space: 2 1/2"
  • Outside Space (Dual Shade): 4 5/8"

Motorization Mounting Depth

  • Minimum Depth (No Valance): 3 5/8"
  • Minimum Depth (With Valance): 4 1/8"
  • Outside Mounting Space: 2 1/2"

Click for full mounting requirements

Upgrades Available

  • Cordless Lift
  • Pull and Remote Motorization Lift
    • Plug-In Power Source- Power source must be within 118" from top of shade.
    • At least 1 remote control is needed per order
    • Remote Motor will include a pull motor
  • Valance Options
  • Light Guard

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