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Blackout Cellular Shades

Brand: Blinds.com
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As part of our Blinds.com Cellular Shade Collection, the Blinds.com’s Blackout Cellular Shades are our best-selling blackout cell shades. Their ability to block out external light makes them ideal for day sleepers, as well as a great choice for media rooms. Add light blockers to cover light gaps on the side. Read More.
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  • 3/8" Single Cell Colors

    • $111.99
      Cotton SC4001
    • $111.99
      Ivory SC4111
    • $110.99
      Snow SC4002
    • $111.99
      Safari SC4102
    • $111.99
      Oakwood SC4105
    • $111.99
      Midnight SC4201
    • $111.99
      Borealis SC4705
    • $111.99
      Moonstone SC4108
    • $111.99
      Avocado SC4601

    9/16" Single Cell Colors

    • $111.99
      Ivory MC4111
    • $111.99
      Buckwheat MC4514
    • $111.99
      Cappuccino MC4402
    • $111.99
      Oakwood MC4105

    1/2" Double Cell Colors

    • $111.99
      Ivory DC4111
    • $111.99
      Safari DC4102
    • $111.99
      Oakwood DC4105
    • $111.99
      Midnight DC4201
    • $111.99
      Borealis DC4705
    • $111.99
      Moonstone DC4108

    3/4" Single Cell Colors

    • $111.99
      Cotton LC4001
    • $111.99
      Ivory LC4111
    • $155.99
      Dawn LC4004
    • $111.99
      Safari LC4102
    • $111.99
      Oakwood LC4105
    • $111.99
      Borealis LC4705
    • $111.99
      Moonstone LC4108
    • $155.99
      Shoreline LC4115
    • $155.99
      Moss LC4606
    • $155.99
      Bark LC4403
    • $155.99
      Field LC4112
    • $155.99
      Sage LC4114
    • $155.99
      Sea Green LC4107
    • $155.99
      Mountain LC4113
    • $155.99
      Golden LC4414
    • $155.99
      Arctic LC4106
    • $155.99
      Almond LC4116
    • $155.99
      Cafe LC4413

    3/4" Double Cell Colors

    • $111.99
      Ivory LD4111
    • $111.99
      Oakwood LD4105
    • $111.99
      Borealis LD4705
    • $111.99
      Moonstone LD4108
    • $111.99
      Avocado LD4601

    1 1/4" Single Cell Colors

    • $111.99
      Cotton GS4001
    • $111.99
      Ivory GS4111
    • $111.99
      Oakwood GS4105
    • $111.99
      Borealis GS4705
    • $111.99
      Moonstone GS4108
    • $111.99
      Avocado GS4601
  • 3/8" Single Cell Sheer Colors (Day / Night only)

    • Cloud SC5004
    • Pearl SC5001
    • Beige SC5501
    • Putty SC5003
    • Mushroom SC5002
    • Taupe SC5502
    • Ebony SC5201

    9/16" Single Cell Sheer Colors (Day / Night only)

    • Cloud MC5004
    • Pearl MC5001
    • Beige MC5501
    • Putty MC5003
    • Mushroom MC5002
    • Taupe MC5502
    • Ebony MC5201

    3/4" Single Cell Sheer Colors (Day / Night only)

    • Cloud LC5004
    • Pearl LC5001
    • Beige LC5501
    • Putty LC5003
    • Mushroom LC5002
    • Taupe LC5502
    • Ebony LC5201

    1 1/4" Single Cell Sheer Colors (Day / Night only)

    • Cloud GS5004
    • Pearl GS5001
    • Beige GS5501
    • Putty GS5003
    • Mushroom GS5002
    • Taupe GS5502
    • Ebony GS5201


Curated for our customers as part of Blinds.com’s complete product line of cellular shades, the Blinds.com’s Blackout Cellular Shades are our best-selling blackout cell shades. Their ability to completely block out external light makes them ideal for day sleepers, as well as a great choice for media rooms. You can also enhance the blackout capabilities by adding light blockers to each side. These insulating shades feature air-trapping honeycomb cells that repel summer heat and winter cold alike. The result is year-round comfort and lowered energy bills.

Our Blackout Cellular Shades are available in both single and double cell constructions, including our unique, larger scale XL choices. When raised, these shades stack compactly, giving you a clear, unobstructed view. Made from a high-quality, fray-proof polyester fabric, Blackout Cellular Shades are treated to be stain-resistant and anti-static. This ensures long-lasting good looks and reduced dust build-up.

This product is available in a wide range of colors to match your specific décor and come in a variety of cell sizes, including the unique, larger scale XL pleat sizes. Offered, also, are a large array of customization options including cordless lifts, smart release, top-down/bottom-up, Day/Night dual shades and motorized – options to fit any lifestyle and room. All are white backed, which ensures a uniform appearance from the street. Select your favorite color and customize these today for stunning views and the ease of a perfect lift option for every window you cover.

Install Time: 12 - 15 Minutes

We Recommend:

  • For large windows,the continuous cord loop or SmartRelease lift options enables larger shades to operate more smoothly and effortlessly.

  • Top-down/bottom-up lets you choose whether light enters from below or up above. ClearFit similarly offers a top-down/bottom-up solution, but one that is free of exposed cords.

  • Cordless eliminates hassle and makes this window treatment safer for kids.

  • Double-cell shades offer better insulation for older windows than single cells and are recommended for climates with extreme heat or cold.

  • For custom light control, choose the Day/Night option which adds a full shade made of sheer shade fabric above the blackout shade fabric you choose.


  • Inside mounted cellular shades will have a vertical light gap on the edges of the shade of up to 1/4” per side. If you need complete light blockage, consider adding light guards

  • XL Single Cell and Large Double Cell colors are only available with the upgraded cordless lift options.

  • Motorized lift:

    • Motorization can be powered by a rechargeable battery wand or plug-in.
    • Extension cable available in 78.75", for plug-in only.
    • Motorization components are black in-color.

Coordinating Products:

  • Shop the entire collection here.

Child Safety Information

This product can be made safer for places where children and pets may be present, with the selection of the Cordless upgrade, with the exception of top down/bottom up feature. All other versions of this product have cords that may be accessible, and are not recommended for windows where children or pets may be present.


With the assurance of the Blinds.com Warranty, you can trust that this product will last and provide added value and beauty to your home.

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Surefit™ Guarantee

With SureFit™, a Blinds.com exclusive, we make sure you have complete peace measuring for any product we offer. If you made a mistake measuring your blind, we'll remake it at no cost to you. * You don't even pay for the return shipping of your old blind!

*You only pay if there's a price difference between your old and new blind, or if the new blind requires a shipping fee (generally, this applies when it's over 94" wide).

Important Disclaimer:
  • Limit 1 remake per item; 4 item remakes per household per lifetime (unless the error is ours, in which case, we'll make it right!).
  • Same-product exchanges only, within 30 calendar days of receipt of package.
  • Changes are restricted to size and mount only.
  • Refunds are not offered under this guarantee.
Not Covered Under This Guarantee:
  • Commercial orders: any order containing 25 or more of the same product, of tax exempt status, or containing any Blinds.com Commercial brand product.
  • Any product ordered outside our recommended sizes or specifications, which can be found on the product page.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 9"
  • Maximum Width: 120"
  • Minimum Height: 10"
  • Maximum Height: 144"
  • Approximate Vertical Light Gap: 3/8" each side with a tolerance of 1/8"
  • Color-coordinated rail colors

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Optional Upgrades:

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