5 Window Decor Ideas To Spread Hope

Ashley Dennis | 01 Feb 2022 | DIY Projects

This spring might just be considered the season for DIYs. Many people are turning to DIY projects to pass the time and release some of that pent up creative energy. Plus, jazzing up your windows is a great way to foster connection with your community. Whether you're a seasoned DIY-er or trying your hand at a new hobby for the first time, we've got some window decorating projects to try that are guaranteed to bring some joy to your day.

At the End of The Rainbow

When schools closed, kids in Italy began placing rainbows in their windows as a hopeful reminder that this storm will pass. Amanda Jane Jones (@amandajanejones) added a unique twist on this trend and had her kids using tissue paper and tape for a whimsical stained glass effect. When the sunshine pours onto this window, the room will be lit up with a rainbow of colors. Plus it's sure to warm the hearts of anyone passing by.

young child tapes colored pieces of tissue paper to a window in the shape of a rainbow.

Words of Encouragement

Kids can also help you make signs of appreciation and encouragement for your local essential workers and medical workers. This can go a long way towards building a sense of community in your neighborhood even while keeping your distance. Plus it's a great lesson in expressing gratitude.

Window with kids drawing and paintings hung up featuring encouraging messages for essential workers.

Beary Nice Windows

Another window decor idea worth trying is putting stuffed animals in your windows. Call or message your neighbors and ask them to do the same. Then count how many bears you and your family see while walking through the neighborhood.

Window with stuffed animals stacked on the sill, facing outside.

Christmas Came Early

Decorate for Christmas. Why not? Nothing spreads cheer quite like seeing a house lit up for the holidays. Not exactly feeling the Christmas Spirit? Try decorating your tree for another holiday, like July 4th or Halloween. Get creative and see how you can use what decorations you have on hand to create a stunning and magical display that brings you cheer.

White christmas tree with hot pink and blue ornaments next to an open window.

Chalk It Up!

Sidewalk chalk might be a summer tradition as old as time itself. If you've run out driveway space, think vertically. Those brick veneers or stone siding could use a boost of seasonal color this spring. Color each brick with alternating pastel hues. Or treat each brick like a pixel for some 8-bit inspired wall art. When the next rain comes, your slate should be washed clean and ready to redecorate.

Brick wall colored in with sidewalk chalk.

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