How to Turn Your Basic Patio into a Cozy Outdoor Living Room

Abigail Sawyer | 08 Feb 2017 | Outdoor

Blogger Abigail Green is the epitome of Colorado minimalist style. The Denver native is a wordsmith, photographer, product stylist, and avid DIYer who’s not afraid to pull out the power tools or her electrical wiring skills to make her vision come to life.

You may have gotten to know Abigail when she taught us to make a live edge window valance or leather tab sheer curtains. Today she’s back with another beautiful project and will be teaching us to make a cozy patio nook with sheer curtains.

Abigail Says:

The curtains we used are Easy Rod Pocket Curtains in Raw Silk Crepe Lily (same ones we used in our living room curtain project, if you remember that project!). I love these curtains because they’re a beautiful shade of white with a sheer texture that gives a very flow-y feel to them.

What You Need:

Medium Gauge Wire Cable
Cable Clamp set
Hook and Eye Turnbuckle
Threaded Hook
Drill Easy Rod Pocket Curtains in Raw Silk Crepe Lily
4×4 Wooden Posts

How to Make a DIY Curtain Nook with Sheer Curtains

1. Install wooden posts.

Abigail used existing posts on her patio. If you need to add posts yourself, you can follow the instructions here.

2. Predrill holes in posts and install threaded hooks.

3. Loop cable through turnbuckle and secure with cable clamps.

4. Thread curtains on to cable.

To protect your fingers and prevent the wire from snagging the fabric, wrap the end of your cable with duct tape before you feed in through the curtain pocket.

5. Secure wire to the post hooks and other anchors.

Abigail attached her wire to posts on one side, and the house on the other. If your structure is free standing, you can use 4 posts.

6. Arrange curtains.

If desired, knot the side curtains so guests can filter in and out easily and the space doesn’t feel closed off.

7. Clip on lights to add some ambience.

Abigail chose globe lights with white cords so they would blend well with the curtains.

8. Add some freshness with a natural garland.

In the winter, use evergreen boughs. Come summertime, eucalyptus or boxwood garlands will add seasonal freshness.

9. Bring in seating and accessories.

Finish off your space with seating, an outdoor rug, cozy blankets, pillows and other accessories.

In any season, guests will love gathering around a cozy fire. If using a fire pit, be sure to hang your curtains a safe distance away from the flames and always have a fire extinguisher on hand.

See how Abigail Styled her Patio Curtain Nook

Want More Cozy Patio Inspiration?

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