What Cell Size Do I Need? Cellular Shade Sizes Explained

Abigail Sawyer | 30 Nov 2012 | Cellular Shades

3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, Oh My!

If you’ve ever shopped for honeycomb or cellular shades you know that these window coverings come in myriad sizes.

The fractional measurements included with each product represent the size of the cell created by the two pieces of fabric. With cell sizes varying by a fraction of an inch, it can be hard to know which one is right for your window, and what difference these measurements make in the first place.

Cell shade sizes explained

Differences in cellular shade sizes may seem insignificant, but we’ll help you compare the different industry offerings to find the look that suits your window best.

We’ve organized the cell measurements into three categories: Small (3/8″), Mid-Size (9/16″ and 1/2″), and Large (3/4″) to help you understand what these numbers really mean when it comes to your window.

Small Cellular Shades

Cellular shade size comparison

Honeycomb shades with a 3/8″ cell measurement and under are generally classified as small cellular shades. Shades in this range are most often recommended for smaller windows. With a reduced measurement, the fabric cells have a narrower width that allows them to fit in shallower window openings that may not be able to accommodate larger cell sizes.

Blinds.com Brand Light Filtering Cellular Shades are available in 3/8″ Single Cell and Double Cell fabrics. These look more proportional in smaller windows. Too many rows of small cells can look busy in a large picture window.

Small cellular shades are perfect for bathroom windows – they provide extra insulation by trapping air in the fabric pockets created by the cells, and are safe for spaces with high humidity and frequent temperature changes. Bali DiamondCell Light Filtering Shades (available in 3/8″ fabrics) are a great choice for bathroom windows – it has no exposed route holes so you’ll have complete privacy at all times.

Mid-Size Cellular Shades

Mid-Size Cellular Shades from Blinds.com

Medium Cellular shades give a classic look that will compliment any window size.

Mid-range cell sizes include 1/2″ and 9/16″ measurements. Different manufacturers have preferences for medium cellular shade measurements, but if you do the math, you’ll see that these two sizes are only separated by a few 100ths of an inch.

Mid-size light filtering and room darkening shades

Regulate sunlight entering your home by choosing light filtering or room darkening cellular shades.

Mid-size Cellular Shades are the most popular category of single-cell honeycomb shades on the market. With Blinds.com’s large selection for this size range, you’ll be able to find mid-size cell shades for any budget, and with a broad offering of custom options like light filtering and blackout fabrics, insulating double cell construction, and top-down/bottom-up and cordless lift systems.

Levolor Accordia 9/16" Single Cell Shade

Did you know that the largest percentage of air leakage in your home occurs through the windows? Spaces like bedrooms and living rooms with a large number of medium-sized windows will greatly benefit from the insulating properties of cellular shades. A shade with mid-size cells like the Levolor Cellular Shades (available in 9/16″ fabric) will complement the dimensions of these window openings perfectly for a sleek, unified look.

Blinds.com Brand 1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening Shade

Double cell room darkening cell shades offer the most energy efficiency and privacy of any combination of our custom options. The Blinds.com Economy Blackout Cellular Shade (available in 1/2″ fabric) stacks high to offer an unobstructed view, but blocks out 98% of light when lowered, so you can sleep soundly.

Large Cellular Shades

Large 3/4" cellular shades from Blinds.com

Large 3/4″ cellular shades

The largest size of cellular shades we offer is 3/4″.  This significantly larger cell construction is perfect for wider picture windows because larger cell fabric is lighter per square foot than other sizes. With this reduction in weight, a shade that spans a large opening will be able to support itself with no threat of sagging or need for extra reinforcements.

Blinds.com Signature Blackout Shades

Blinds.com Blackout Roller Shades are a perfect illustration of the proportional look of a 3/4″ shade in a large window opening. The larger cell size looks just right, where a tiny 3/8″ shade might be too busy on this scale.

Find your size now!

We have a great selection of cellular shades in small, mid-size and large that are functional and attractive. We have gathered the top products in the industry to create a line that meets the highest quality standards and has something for every budget.

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