Outside on the Upside: Outdoor Shades to Transform Your Patio

If you need a holiday from your own living room or home office, a beautiful, comfortable outdoor patio space is more easily attainable than you may think. Outdoor patios, decks, and balconies are becoming sanctuaries for people unable to leave their homes. Your outdoor space can be a personal oasis where you can enjoy the sunshine, recharge your senses, and enjoy moments of peace throughout the day.

Lights, Camera, Conference! Natural Light Is Best for Video Conferencing

Blinds.com’s Abigail Sawyer shares her professional wisdom on setting up your home office to maximize natural light and take the stress out of video conference calls.

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Save Big and Stay Home: Blinds.com Reveals One of Black Friday's Best Kept Secrets

Want to save time and money this holiday season? Blinds.com has some recommendations on how to shop for Black Friday deals online.

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Burnout is a National Epidemic, and A Better Home Oasis Can Help

Burnout stems from stress, and it leaves us overwhelmed and emotionally drained. The good news? Lifestyle changes can help people recover. Experts say these are the top changes to make.

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