Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors - Alternatives to Vertical Blinds

Abigail Sawyer | 18 Feb 2013 | Door Blinds

If you need to block glare and harmful UV rays coming in through your sliding glass door, traditional vertical blinds aren’t the only choice. The window covering market has developed many modern alternatives that will give you style and function if vertical blinds don’t float your boat.

Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors:

Vertical Cellular Shades

For wide windows and patio doors that need insulation from the heat or cold, a cellular shade is the best option.  The shade can be opened from either side and it’s barely noticeable when fully collapsed. The honeycomb design gives your door or window a stylish look and provides additional insulation against sound. Browse our vertical cell shades here!

Panel Track Blinds

Give a more modern look to large windows or glass walls with sheer fabric panels. It also gives clean lines to smaller spaces like patio doors. The solar screen textile blocks glare and harmful UV rays without taking away from your view.

Sliding Shutters

If you want something more than a common vertical our Track Fauxwood Shutters are the perfect choice. Each shutter panel hangs from an easy-to-install vertical track and slides past each other to open and close. Fauxwood Shutters provide more energy efficiency than verticals and give your room a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Sheer Shadings

Levolor Perceptions Sheer Shadings are an elegant way to update your home’s look with all of the functionality of a traditional vertical shade, but a far more elegant feel.  These window coverings offer the soft look of sheer draperies with the added light control of blinds. The rigid, fabric-covered vanes are seamlessly integrated with the surrounding sheer fabric. The vanes can be opened to allow light in or closed to darken a room and ensure privacy.

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