What is the Difference Between Single Cellular Shades and Double Cellular Shades?

Mindy Schultz | 22 Jan 2014 | How To

Honeycomb Cellular Shades have a lot to offer.  With a wide range of colors, light filtering and room darkening fabrics, and advanced lift options - the custom combinations are endless!  However, many customers aren't sure when to choose single cellular shades or double cellular shades.

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So what is the difference between Single Cell Shades and Double Cell Shades?

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Single Cell

In many cases, single cellular honeycomb shades are less expensive than double cell.  They use less material and generally have a shorter manufacturing time - which gives you big savings.

Another advantage to single cellular shades is insulation.  With their single layer of pleats, the honeycomb material reduces energy costs by filtering light and blocking UV rays.

We have a wide selection of shades available with single cell fabrics that are available in both light filtering and blackout materials.

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Double Cell

If energy efficiency is your main concern, then a double cell material is your best bet. Cell shades insulate your windows by trapping air in pleated pockets. This air acts as a barrier against outside temperatures to keep your home comfortable. Because a double cell shade has two pockets, it offers double the energy savings of a single cell shade.

Although many single cell shades are less expensive than double cell, it's easy to find a combination of custom options that is comparable - if not less expensive.

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