Q & A: How can I cut energy costs?

Blinds.com crew | 02 Sep 2008 | Energy Saving

Q:  I am really trying to cut my utilities.  What blinds can help me save on my energy costs? Linda, Savannah, Georgia

A: Linda, with electricity prices higher than ever, saving money on heating and cooling is on everyone’s mind. In an average home, windows account for nearly 50 percent of heat gain or loss, depending on the season. The other 50 percent of the workload is placed on your air-conditioning system or heating system. By controlling how the sun’s energy enters your home, you can save on summer energy bills and take advantage of the sun’s heat in winter.

Double and triple cell honeycomb shades trap air within the cells, creating a cushion of heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer, which we can especially appreciate in the South.  Need help installing your cell shades?  Watch this Cell Shade Installation video.

If you prefer a more formal or traditional look, shutters are beautiful and great insulators. Try either of these and you’ll immediately notice a big difference in your energy bill and comfort level this summer. Need help installing your shutters?  Watch this step-by-step shutter installation video now.

Read some more expert advice on Energy Saving Window Treatments from Debbie Allmon, Kansas City Remodeling Decorating Guru.

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