Scorching Front Porch Gets a Cool Off with Outdoor Shades and Charming Fall Decor

Abigail Sawyer | 03 Sep 2020 | Outdoor

front porch with white sun shades

Tammy of Vintage White Farmhouse has a gorgeous wrap-around porch on her Utah home, but discovered that even in early fall, it was way too hot to sit out there.

Tammy Says:

"We haven't been able to enjoy the porch at all this summer. When the sun is setting, the porch is just blazing hot."

Plus, Tammy was worried that the intense sun would fade or damage the finish on her brand new front door.

She reached out to a Designer for help cooling off her space, and found some porch shades that block glare and heat.

Tammy Says:

"I didn't know that you could send a company a few measurements, and then they would send you custom roller shades for your outdoor space!"

Solar shades come in a range of weave openness, from 1% to about 14% openness. The lower the percent, the tighter the weave and less light and heat come through. A more open weave like 10-14% will give you a clearer view out, but less solar protection.

view through sheer sun shades on porch

Tammy landed on Outdoor Solar Shades in Palermo Frost 3%. The fabric matches the trim color on her porch and gives a clear enough view out while providing major heat protection.

porch decorated for fall with roll down solar shades

Tammy installed five shades across her porch, and is now able to enjoy her outdoor space in comfort. The shaded can be lowered with a durable crank, and all have tie-down anchors that keep the shades from flapping in the wind and causing damage.

front of house covered with white solar shades to block heat

Tammy Says:

"These are so easy to install. You just screw in the bracket and snap them in place!"

front porch with sun shades lowered

To complete the look for fall, Tammy framed her door in fall foliage and arranged some lanterns and faux pumpkins.

front door decorated with fall garland

At the end of the porch, she decked out a wall with paper bats, and set up a charming seating area with a few chairs and a cafe table. It's now an inviting place to relax as a family, no matter what season it is.

seating area on front porch decorated for halloween

Get the Look!

Tammy selected Outdoor Solar Shades in Palermo Frost 3%. Need help finding your perfect porch shades or dressing another window? designers are available to help by phone or live chat.

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