10 Surprising Ways To Reuse Old Bamboo Blinds

Abigail Sawyer | 19 Feb 2015 | DIY Projects

10 surprising ways to reuse old bamboo blinds

You got new blinds, but what do you do with the old ones? Rather than sending them to the landfill, there are many surprising ways to recycle old window treatments, and often the greenest option is to repurpose them around your house.

If you have Bamboo or Woven Wood Shades lying around, first we’d ask you to think twice about taking them down. They’re SO hot right now. But if they’re really worn out or not for you, here are 10 ways to reuse them.

10 Surprising Ways to Reuse Old Bamboo Blinds

Many of these projects require you to disassemble your shade. Learn how with the tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Cover Up Shelving

Open shelving seemed like a good idea when you put it up, but then you realized that there’s nowhere to hide your junk! Conceal your cleaning supply hodge podge with some woven wood shades hung from the ceiling.

bamboo shades covering open shelves in a laundry room

Via Young House Love on The Nest

Round Bamboo Mirror

Bamboo shades too wide? Trim them with a hack saw and save the pieces to make a natural inspired mirror.

bamboo circle mirror

Via Domestically Speaking

Bamboo Pendant Lampshade

Give a basic pendant light some texture with bamboo pieces painted white. We love the organic feel the shade gives to this kitchen nook.

bamboo lampshade

Via House of Fifty

Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

Turn a simple dollar store mirror into a statement piece with bamboo painted white.

bamboo sunburst mirror

Via House of Fifty

Bamboo Vase Cover

Trim off one edge of your shade material to the height of your vase (Use the rolling technique to cut). Wrap around, hot glue in place and your flowers will have some extra warmth and texture.

bamboo vase cover

Via Bon Temps Beignet

DIY Bamboo Placemats

Add some texture to your table! Cut a 19″ x 14″ section out of your bamboo blinds to make an easy DIY placemat. Use the existing weave of the shade to keep the placemat together. Secure your woven section.

bamboo placemats

Via Style at Home

Please note: These mats are safe for décor only. Don’t try to re-use your shades as a sushi mat, as similar as the materials may look. Bamboo window shades have been treated with stains and sealants that were not designed to be food safe.

Bamboo Earring Holder

Cut your shades to any size you like and tie off the ends. Tie a string through the top few slats as a hanger. Slip earrings through the slats to organize and display.

bamboo earring holder

Via Life in The Makings

Bamboo Accented Side Table

Freshen up a simple nightstand with a coat of paint and bamboo accented doors. Attach bamboo reeds one by one or cut a section of your shade to size and glue it on in one piece.

bamboo accented side table

Via Living Savvy

Bamboo Orb Light Fixtures

Who knew that these light fixtures were once bamboo roll-up blinds? Follow these instructions to learn how to bend the slats into circles (it’s not as hard as it sounds!) and create the natural orb pendant lights.

bamboo orb light fixtures

Via Made in Pretoria

Cover Up a Dog Crate

If your dog crate is out where guests will see it, dress it up with a simple bamboo cover. Your pooch will still be able to see out the front and the open weave allows for plenty of air flow. Some dogs even like their crate better with a cover – it feels like a cozy cave.

bamboo covered dog crate

side of a bamboo covered dog crate

Via Make and Build Dog Stuff

How to Take Apart Woven Wood Shades

Cut cords woven into shade a few slats from the bottom. Often the bottom few slats have been glued onto each other and will not be usable.

separating bamboo shade slats with scissors

If you just need slats for your project, remove all that you need and you’re done. If you need a piece of woven material for your project, follow the steps below.

bamboo slats removed from the larger blind assembly

In order to use this piece, you’ll need to secure the threads at the end of the shade to keep the weave together. Either hot glue the loose ends to the last slat, or remove a few slats and tie each set of cords to secure.

tying threads to secure the slats from coming out

Repeat for the top of the shade.

trimming bamboo slats from the top of the shade

Clean up your finished piece by removing the lift cord and ladder cord from the back of the shade.

removing the ladder cord and lift cord from the back of the shades

How to Cut Width

In order to trim the width of your piece, roll it up and cut off the excess with a hack saw.

showing where to trim the shades to fit the width of your project

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