How to Choose The Right White (Blinds)

Abigail Sawyer | 19 Aug 2016 | Blinds

Most customers want to make a safe, timeless choice for their windows and choosing white blinds or shades is a surefire way to do that.

As designer Dixie said,

"You may love your purple walls now, but make a safer choice and match your window coverings to the white trim, not the walls. That way you can change your wall color in a few years without shelling out for new window coverings."

We encourage most customers to follow this advice and keep the windows neutral and bring in color with accessories.

Many of you take this strategy to heart because out of 100s of color options, almost all of our customers go with white.

How to Choose White Blinds to Match Your Room

What color white blinds is best

So we've got you sold on white blinds - but if you've ever chosen paint colors, you know that there's not just one white. We've got a few strategies to help you choose the white that's right for your room.

1. Understand Undertones

One white by itself may look like a true white, but as soon as you compare it to other white options, you'll see which one has more blue, brown, pink or green hues. These are called undertones.

To find undertones, compare your colors to a sheet of white printer paper. The difference in tones will be more obvious.

White Undertones

To decide which one is right for you, look at your room to see which color is most prevalent and you want to highlight. Choose a white with that undertone to match.

If you have mostly cool-toned décor (grey, blue and green) you'll want to go with a white that has cool undertones or it will look yellowed and old. Vice versa, if your décor is warm (browns, reds and oranges) you need a white with matching undertones or it will look too cold and clinical.

Even if you don't fully understand the color theory behind undertones, our next steps will make it foolproof to make the right choice.

If you want more info, you can get a full Undertones 101 education in this recent episode of the Chris loves Julia Podcast: In Living Color Theory.

2. Order Samples

The key to choosing the right white is to see colors in person, next to your décor - not trying to guess what will work based on your computer screen. Free Color Samples

At every customer can order 10 free color samples to make choosing easier. Add colors to your sample pack by clicking the "order sample" button as you're shopping, or order a pre-built pack of our most popular choices.

When deciding between whites, we recommend that you order ALL of the whites available for your product (usually about 5-6) and then follow the next step to make your choice.

3. Tape Up Samples to Get a True Look at Colors

Once you receive your samples from, tape them up in the window or windows you're covering. See which color looks best compared to your trim and overall décor.

taping white samples next to a window

Does one look more brown or yellow compared to your room? That's the undertones coming out. Chose the white that looks the most neutral.

Leave them up for a few days and then make your decision. Make a point to look at them at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm so you can see how different levels of light affect the color. Light filtering shades in particular can look different at different times of day.

4. When in Doubt Match the Trim

Can't choose? If you're stuck in analysis paralysis, it's always a safe choice to match your trim color. Use the tape up method and see which is closest to your trim paint.

how to match blinds to trim

5. Warning: Don't Go Too Yellow

With the tape up method, the right choice will often be very obvious, but the biggest mistake you can make is going too yellow. If you have a cooler (blue, grey, green) palette and choose a yellow-based white or off-white, your blinds will look dirty in comparison. Go with the color that looks cooler or more neutral.

6. Get Help from Designers

If you're still stuck, designers are very familiar with our color options and can make expert recommendations for what will look best in your home. Once you've used the tape up method, take a photo and send it to your designer for advice. You can reach designers by calling 800-505-1905.

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