Customer Service FAQ: My Cordless Cellular Shades Aren't Lifting

Benjamin Serven | 04 Mar 2015 | Repair

Are your cordless honeycomb shades crooked, bulging out of the window or not lifting all the way? Have no fear! Customer Service to the rescue!


Why is This Happening?

In most cases you can chalk up lifting problems errors in manufacturing, or the effect of heat or humidity on the shade. Twisted cords or internal springs wound too tight may also be the culprit. While this may be irritating, we’re happy to tell you it’s a cinch to fix.

Crooked cellular shade - BC pic

How to Fix a Cordless Cellular Shade that Won’t Raise

Most of the time, resetting the cordless mechanism does the trick. Here’s how it’s done:

First, lower the shade down as far as it will go. Second, hold the bottom rail and pull the shade out toward yourself at a 45° angle away from the window. Third, give the shade a few swift, gentle tugs while maintaining your 45° angle. (Note: If you pull too hard, the cord inside your shade could break. Use caution and attempt this fix at your own risk!)

Next, test the shade to see if it’s responding. Lift the shade to the highest point to which it will easily raise. If it lifts a little higher each time you reset the mechanism, (even in small increments) repeat steps 1 through 3 until your shade raises completely. It sometimes takes up to 4-5 tries to get the shade to respond as it should.

Still need some help?

Reach out to our customer service team at 800-505-1905 and our team would be happy to assist you.

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