How to Decorate for Thanksgiving Guests!

Abigail Sawyer | 19 Nov 2012 | Seasonal Trends

How To Decorate For Thanksgiving Guests

If you’ll be playing host to Thanksgiving guests soon it’s important to make your house look beautiful and comfortable for out-of-towners. Many of us save holiday prep until the last minute, so we’re bringing you seasonal ideas that serve double duty- They’ll add festive holiday cheer while making guests feel welcome and special.

Get the Guest Room(s) in Ship Shape

First thing’s first- make sure that beds are made, bathrooms are clean, and junk is stowed elsewhere. A sparse guest room is better than one that’s morphed into a storage room over the last few months. It’s ok to stash stuff under beds and in closets, guests won’t notice and will appreciate having room to move around.

Guest room welcome basket

Go the extra mile with a welcome basket.

Even the most cantankerous of relations will smile when they find a basket of goodies waiting for them in their room. Fill a basket, wire bin or metal bucket with fun things from the travel-size and snack aisles. When you’re shopping ask yourself these questions:

What will my guests forget? – Mini toiletries, and if you have an extra phone charger throw it in!

What are things my guests may need by don’t want to bug me for? -Aspirin, a mini first aid kit, chapstick.

What will help my guests settle down for the night? – A magazine, and individually packaged snacks.

Gaspar Luggage Rack from Ballard Designs

Prop Up Bags with a Luggage Rack. 

A stylish luggage rack like this one from Ballard Designs will help guests keep their things off of the floor, but it’ll pretty up your room even if it goes unused.

Bench at foot of bed

A Bench at the Foot of the Bed.

Create a place for guests to take off shoes or prop up luggage. A bench will also act as a visual substitute for a foot board, making your guest room look pulled together. Brand Canvas Blackout Panel

Help Guests Sleep Soundly with Blackout Curtains.

Odds are you haven’t slept in your guest room for months if not years. If you have time, spend a night there to make sure everything is comfortable and convenient. If not- ensure your guests sleep comfortably by installing blackout curtains or room darkening shades. You’ll be sure that an offending streetlight, passing cars, or a too-early sunrise won’t keep your guests up at night.


Make the Table Feel Special for Each and Every Guest

Personalize place settings to show all of your guests how thankful you are to be with them. When guests see their name at the table they’ll know you made something special just for them. Whether you do something elaborate or simple, it’s the little things that make friends and family feel loved.

pumpkin place cards

Pumpkin Placecards.

Create easy harvest time place cards by writing each guest’s name on a mini pumpkin with a sharpie. Nestle it in a cloth napkin as pictured above, or simply set it on each guest’s plate.

personal burlap napkins

Rustic Napkins with a Personal Touch.

Make a functional place marker by writing guest’s names on napkins made from inexpensive burlap or linen fabric.  Cut fabric to size and pull a few threads from each side to create a frayed edge.

personal pumpkin flower arrangements

A Tiny Arrangement for Every Plate.

Upcycle mini pumpkins left over from Halloween by making them into personal-sized vases. Cut off the tops and fill them with mums for table decor that doubles as a favor for guests to take home.


Let Guests Share Their Gratitude

Find a way to for guests to celebrate more than food this Thanksgiving. Remember what the holiday’s all about and maybe start a new tradition.

Gratitude Rolls

Spread on Some Love with Gratitude Rolls. 

Let everyone lend a hand in the kitchen as they roll up something they’re thankful for in a gratitude roll. Later, guests can share others’ messages as they eat.


Thankfulness Tablecloth

Keep Thankfulness Close at Hand with a Customized Tablecloth. 

While cooks are cooking let guests (young and old) share what they’re thankful for right on the tablecloth. Friends and family will feel good participating in the day, and you’ll have a keepsake to remember this year’s gathering for years to come.

Thanksgiving Veterans – Share Your Wisdom!

If you’re the perpetual hostess with the mostest, or host with the most, tell us how you make your guests feel at right at home. Share your thoughts and ideas with us on Facebook, or chat with us on Twitter @blindsdotcom. We’re love to share things that inspire us from the home decorating world, and the latest blinds deals – so drop us a line!


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