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Abigail Sawyer | 13 Dec 2012 | Cellular Shades

As Winter approaches, Martha Stewart is telling us to winterize our gardens, but why not winterize our windows too? It’s just as important to keep your family and pets protected from the cold as it is your begonias. 10 to 20 percent of your home’s heating and cooling costs can be attributed to loss of energy through windows. Levolor Cellular Shades act as a thermal barrier for your windows by trapping air in their honeycomb shaped pockets. Bundle up your windows for winter and you could save you a ton of money!

Levolor Cellular Shades are made of soft, durable fabric that is easy to clean and comes in over 80 colors, so it’s sure to match your existing decor. However, because the climate of our country is so diverse we’ll help you find the insulating shade that is right for your region.

Insulating Cellular Shade Climate Map


Northern Climates Key Northern Climates

Choose Sheer Efficiency. Because these shades allow light to come in, they use the warmth of the sun to help heat your home while preventing air escape through windows.

Levolor cellular shades- Sheer Efficiency

Sheer Efficiency Shades are perfect for homes with picturesque views, because they allow you to see out of your windows without losing insulation that is so valuable in the winter.


Central Climates

Choose Light Filtering Shades. These shades allow some natural light to gently filter into your home and help maintain constant temperatures inside your home. However, on warm days they provide extra light control to keep out glare and solar heat.

Levolor Cellilar Shades- Light Filtering Accordia

Light Filtering Shades bring superior insulation for moderate climates while providing added privacy and light control.

Southern Climates Key  Southern Climates

Choose Room Darkening Shades. In moderate regions little, if any, insulation against cold is needed. Room Darkening Levolor Cellular Shades give your windows a clean look while blocking out 90% of sunlight to keep rooms cool and comfortable.

Levolor Cellular Shades- Room Darkening

Room Darkening Cellular Shades will give your rooms more versatility with complete light control. They give you energy efficiency where you need it by blocking out harsh sunlight.


Made for Where You Live

Find the Levolor Cellular Shade that’s best for your climate so you’ll be prepared for winter!

We’d love to help! Leave us any questions you have, or contact our team of experts for help finding the perfect insulating shades. Call us at 800.505.1905.


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