Tricky Design Problem: Will My Skylight Blind Sag? crew | 20 Jul 2009 | Skylight Shades

I Want a Skylight Shade, Sagging Not Included

Our Customer Ron said:

I’m thinking of covering a skylight with the CrystalPleat 3/8″ Single Cell Blackout Skytrack Skylight shade. The skylight is deeply recessed, so what I would be covering is an opening in the flat part of the ceiling. The span is only 17” wide.  With the tracks on the sides, could this blind be mounted horizontally in the ceiling opening without sagging?

Our Response Was:

Thanks for your question! You’ll be happy to learn that the CrystalPleat 3/8” Single Cell Blackout Skytrack Skylight will fit perfectly into your skylight without sagging at all.

When skylight shades exceed 30”, they have a visible cord running down the center to help hold them in place. Since yours is well under the 30” you will be fine. Graber’s Cocoon shade is an excellent option for a skylight because it allows you to block all light if you need to, open it partially for a touch of sun, or let the sun shine in by opening it completely.

You’ll enjoy the flexibility it allows you, it’s of great quality so it will last you forever, and it looks fantastic.

If you want to check out more of our skylight coverings you can browse here.

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Happy decorating!

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