Custom Painted Blinds Become a Work of Art - x Define Magazine

Abigail Sawyer | 23 Jun 2016 | DIY Projects

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Define Magazine for an exciting art-meets-blinds feature in their latest issue. Define Magazine is the brain child of Kinfolk-cofounder and design guru Amanda Jane Jones.

Learn more about Amanda in our interview with her from June 2015.

In each issue, a collective of artists bring together a wide variety of work under one unified theme. The third issue is centered around ‘Home’ with the intent to capture the physical and emotional forces that make us feel at home.

define magazine x

Define saw as a natural partner for this particular issue. Every home has some sort of blind, shade, or curtain, to keep the world from seeing in, block light, or to just add to the aesthetic of the home. Define wanted to to take something common and transform it into a work of art.


In collaboration with filmmaker Richard Smith and Low Res Studios, they created an abstract, Mondrian-inspired design on 2 3/4″ Architectural Wood Blinds which can be tilted open and closed to bring the installation to life in film.

Define Magazine x Art Installation

Amanda Says:

Painting the blinds actually took quite a bit of trial and error. Although simple in presentation -the actual application was quite complicated. Each slat needed to be marked and painted individually due to the overlap. We’re excited about the outcome!

painted blinds art installation

Here’s a look behind the scenes at how Amanda and team produced the film (with help from her adorable daughter Jane!)

Take This Look Home!

Find a copy of Issue 3 Define: home at a local retailer or order online to see the print version of the feature and other incredibly inspiring articles and art pieces.

Read more about the collaboration and order a free sample pack of blind and shade materials from the Define Magazine x Collection!

Unfortunately this incredible hand painted design is one of a kind, but you can bring this geometric look to your home with 2 3/4″ Architectural Wood Blinds in Danville Silk White with cloth tapes in Obsidian.

2 3/4" Architectural Wood Blinds in Danville Silk White with Black Cloth Tapes

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