Quirky House Gets Ambient Light from Shutters on the Ceiling

Abigail Sawyer | 22 Jul 2014 | Trends

We spotted the amazing home of Armin Blasbichler on Design Sponge this week.

Around every corner you'll find another unexpected surprise, whether it's neon signs in the bathroom, doors covered with Pantone color slides, or the casual looking stack of logs that makes up the home's exterior.

Beautifully Illuminated Shutter Ceiling

But our favorite feature by far is the living room ceiling, which is covered with shuttered doors. The louvers let in amazing indirect light that gives the room a beautiful glow.

This one-of-a-kind design emits the natural light that skylights do, but it is easily closed.

shutters on skylights

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How To Put Shutters On A Skylight

This unique space made us we ask ourselves, "Can you put shutters on a skylight?" We asked our designers, and they said "Yes!" And it's surprisingly easy, believe it or not.

skylight shutters

If you want to try it, just order a custom shutter the size of your skylight and install as normal. One modification is necessary because the weight of the shutter will cause the panel to swing open and hang down.

To fix this, ask for an extra set of hinges and install them on both sides of the panel. Hold your panel in place, and insert the hinge pins on either side. Then you'll be permanently secured.

interior shutter hinge pins

Beautiful and Safe

Shutters on a skylight will give your home a polished look, and as a bonus, the louvers will offer protection against glass and debris in case of severe weather.

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