Rustic Minimalist Home gets Major Texture with Bamboo Shades

Rachael Sneed | 08 Feb 2016 | Home Tours

Many of us dream of matching blinds for the whole house. Blogger Shelley of Crazy Wonderful fell in love with's Budget Woven Wood Shades after putting them in her living room and breakfast nook. So, the first chance she got she outfitted the dining room, bedroom and bath to match.

About Crazy Wonderful

Shelley is a wife and a mom who loves all things DIY. Readers can find affordable home décor ideas and tips on her blog.

Shelley and family of Crazy Wonderful blog

The Makeover

Shelley's mainly neutral décor needed some texture and dimension. Budget Woven Wood Shades were the perfect solution. Shelley chose the Antigua Natural color which has an imperfect tortoise shell look. She added privacy liners to prevent too much light from peaking through the small spaces in their design.

closeup of woven wood shades

Shelley said:

I really do love these shades, and the natural color does so much to warm up the space.  I think bamboo shades are a lot like a nude pump.  They go with EVERYTHING.


The shades were hung above the window in Shelley's bathroom that prevented natural lighting from being lost and also made the window appear to be larger.

bathroom drapes

Shelley said:

I decided to hang it several inches above so the window would look larger, and so that I wouldn't loose any of the natural light that's so great for putting on my makeup.

drapes behind tub


In Shelley's bedroom, the shades were hung over three long windows. For this room, she chose blackout liners for more privacy and to block out a lot of light for great and comfortable sleep.

white French pleat drapes

Shelley layered Easy Classic Pleat Panels on top to brighten the room. She chose to add a light filtering liner that blocks a bit more light, protects that fabric from sun damage and ensures privacy.

Shelley said:

They are AMAZING quality.  They were made with a light filtering white liner which not only gives them a nice heavy weight to them, but also keeps them from getting lost in the sunlight.  I added two panels instead of one to the outside ends of the window for added fullness, and holy smokes, love the look.  It really makes the window look wider and fills in that awkward space on either side.

white bedroom drapes

Living Room

The living room needed a lot more warmth and privacy, and woven woods did the job here too. Because they are custom fit, they fit each window perfectly. With the exception of an arched window, all the shades were inside mounted. For the arch, the shade was outside mounted. With the curtain placement between the shades, you'd never know the difference.

bamboo roman shades

Shelley said:

The blinds add so much interest, texture, and gives it a much warmer feel against all the white.

bamboo shades white drapes

Dining Room

The final room Shelley outfitted with shades is the dining room. The color of the shades perfectly completes the room.

full frame dining room

Shelley said:

I can honestly say I am beyond thrilled.  The color is EXACTLY what I was after, and the fit is perfection.

piano wall

Get the Look!

Shelley chose Budget Woven Wood Shades in Antigua Natural 68N.

Crazy Wonderful blog post

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