How to Measure for Bay Window Blinds

Mindy Schultz | 12 Apr 2013 | Measure


The home on the show, Full House, was the quintessential Bay Window in my opinion!

full house

The beautiful Victorian style home was such an iconic image for all children of the 80’s.  Bay windows add so much character to any home, so it is important to get your window treatment right!  Check out some tips on how to measure for a bay window:

Find your Product:

Before you can even think about taking your measurements, it is important to select your product first. Each blind will have a different depth that will come into play when installing.

Learn more about the best window treatments and our economy options for cheap blinds for bay windows. Bay window roman shades are a very popular option if you’re searching for a bay window shade instead of blinds.

Be sure to look on our website for the different depth requirements per product.  Take the inside mount fully recessed measurement for an accurate result:

How to find Window Depth Requirements

How to Measure:

Now it’s time to measure your bay window!

Most bay windows have limited depth, so outside mount installation is very popular.  You will want to start by measuring out whatever the thickness or depth of the blind is. For example, our 2″ Economy Wood Blind has a minimum inside mount depth (fully recessed) requirement of 3″.

bay window 2

In this example, we started taking the center window measurements first.  Be sure to measure out from both the left and right side of the window opening.  Next, use a ruler to create a straight edge to measure across the two points for our center window depth.

bay window 1

You will want to repeat this step across both the left window and the right window of your bay window.  Once you find the point where the left and center window and right and center window come together, that is where you measure your width!  And of course on the left and right windows, you measure from the point where they meet the middle window out to the edge of either the left or right.

 bay window 3

And that is how you measure for a bay window!  FYI: If you have enough depth to install your blinds as an inside mount, you will take your measurements like any standard inside mount install.  You can find information on how to measure for an inside mount blind here: Inside Mount Measuring.

Need More Help?

Of course don’t hesitate to call in to speak with one of our well versed Design Consultants if you have questions.  They can be reached M-F 7am-9pm CST and Sat-Sun 9am-5pm CST time at 800.505.1905  There is no charge to place an order or just consult over the phone!


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