Window FAQ: How to fix vertical blinds with light gaps

Katie Laird | 06 Sep 2012 | Repair

Gap in vertical blinds

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How can I remove the space between my Vertical Blind slats?

The main purpose of vertical blinds is to block out unwanted light. But if slats won’t lie flat against one another, beams of light can shine in through gaps and drive a person crazy!

Vertical Blinds Fix #1: Dryer Sheets!

dryer sheet

Because some vertical blinds are made of PVC, they attract static electricity. This causes the slats to push away from one another, and creates a gap for light to come through. The good news is that there’s an easy fix to repair vertical blinds with light gaps!  In order to eliminate static, just  take a dryer sheet and run it up and down both sides of the slats. This solution will keep static away for a few weeks, or until electricity builds up again.

Check out Apartment Therapy’s 20 Household Uses for Used (Yes, Used) Dryer Sheets.

Vertical Blinds Fix #2: Static Guard

static guard

For a more permanent solution try spraying your vertical blinds with static guard. It’s designed to reduce the cling in your clothes, but when applied to your vertical blinds it will reduce static which helps them lie flat and repels dust! (This works great for horizontal blinds too!)

Here are 7 more ways to use Static Guard in your home!


That should do the trick to fix vertical blinds with spaces between slats. Let us know what other window treatment questions you have!


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